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NV Poças Special Reserve Dry White

Posted: 16:03 Sat 07 May 2022
by rich_n
Purchased from Portugal Vineyards in that heady time before Brexit regulations kicked in, this was opened as I needed both an interesting drinking option and also one that I could add a splash of to a risotto. I decided this would be ideal.


Yep, this is dry. Green apple skins and earthy minerality on the nose. Slightly herbal too, maybe hints of thyme and basil. On the palate this doesn't have the usual sweet white port hit, it's wandering into the territory of drier fortified wines that I found when trying oloroso-style sherries a while ago (although I'm not an expert there and others may suggest more accurate comparisons).

The earthiness dominates to start, giving way to a green apple skin flavour that I associate with lambic beers, but without their sour note. Vanilla pops its head in, just to add a touch of sweetness, alongside aniseed and a reminder of that herbal note in the nose. A very dry finish for a port, but one that lingers. I usually prefer a sweeter fortified wine than this but I'm rather taken with it. Good.