1966 Gould Campbell

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Re: 1966 Gould Campbell

Post by Constandia »

vibrant garnet with ruby highlights. There is a faint minerality to this port that I quite like. On the palate fig spoon sweet and cherry notes with hints of sweet spice. Sweet with medium acidity and the tannins now resolved. Medium finish without much persistence. If the acidity was a grade higher this port would feel much more balanced. 88/100, tasted 12/09/2023
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Alex Bridgeman
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Re: 1966 Gould Campbell

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Bottled in the UK by Peatling & Cawdron. Opened at 20.30, double-decanted at 14.00 and tasted at 18.30. A mature rose-red colour, 40% opaque. Soft rose-water on the nose, mature fruit giving a delightful bouquet. Smooth texture on entry; generous fruit, fruit which is rich and multi-layered. Fresh, yet with a lovely cedar undertone. Cedar and dried berries on the long and jammy finish. Fabulous. I really liked this but seem to have been in the minority. 92/100. Decanted 4½ hours.
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Re: 1966 Gould Campbell

Post by flash_uk »

40% oapcity, mature warm red. Faint strawberry nose. Soft entry, red fruit then spreads across the palate, lovely syrupy chewiness mid to late palate. Like the Noval, another fine port.
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Re: 1966 Gould Campbell

Post by winesecretary »

Beautiful rich red. Sharp spike of mint ont he nose. Soft sweet port, perhaps not quite as exciting as it should be. Held up well on the cinnamon-spiked plum crumble finish.
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