2009 Villa Oeiras Colheita

To record tasting notes and thoughts on fortified wines we might try which do not come from the demarcated region of the Douro Valley
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2009 Villa Oeiras Colheita

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With the wonderful BFT 2023 fast approaching I realise that I failed terribly at my homework from Alex - write a tasting note of some kindly provided samples for volunteering. I did do it - just forgot to post.

Better late than never?

Tasted 11/06/22 - 60ml sample
Dark cloudy amber and some sediment in the sample. Nose is more muted than others 1 2 and nothing too offensive to me with a little whiff of caramel and something fruity. The mouth instantly gives the fruit away - surprisingly fresh cherries and something floral. Violets perhaps? Much sweeter than the other and a big thumbs up from me although too sweet for my partner. Its texture makes it dangerously drinkable and my sample dissappeared before I knew it.
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