Hi from London/Kent

Come and say hello.
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Hi from London/Kent

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I have been reading The Port Forum for a couple of years now. I have made the odd post over the last year but that is it. I was recently lucky enough to be added to the Quevedo tasting next month so thought it was time to introduce myself.

I have been a fan of port for many years and made several visits to Porto during that time. I would describe myself as an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to port and certainly have nowhere near the knowledge and experience of some on this site. I am learning though!

Like some on this site, I seem to have accumulated far more port than the maths says I will drink over the next few years but still find boxes arriving at my door on a regular basis. Every time I think I have enough, I see something that would very nicely fill a gap. I suspect there are plenty more gaps to fill yet.

Port wise I am currently really enjoying the 1960s, with 1966 edging 1963 for me right now. Happy to drink plenty of Fonseca 1985 too. I have tried a few 1920s and 1930s ports over the last couple of years with very mixed results - an amazing Noval 1934 but a very spirity Fonseca 1934. Still looking for that Noval 1931. The most recent bottle opened was an unknown port from Nickolls and Perks. Always fun when you do not know what you are about to drink. This one turned out to be a Taylor 1947 Special Quinta and was great drinking over 2 days. I really wish I had another bottle but these seem few and far between.

Anyway look forward to meeting a few of you next month

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Re: Hi from London/Kent

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Welcome Michael. Sorry I'll miss you at the Quevedo tasting but I'm sure we'll meet someday in the not-too-distant future.
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Re: Hi from London/Kent

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Welcome Michael. I shall look forward to meeting you at the Quevedo tasting next month. Btw… don’t let the Maths put you off. There are some very talented mathematicians among the members, and I would venture that they have discovered an equation that proves you can never ever have too much Port!
Wishing you the best as you join the madness.
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