1960s Vintage Ports

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1960s Vintage Ports

Post by Axel P » 10:28 Mon 01 Apr 2019

On Saturday prior to ProWein, 12 wine lovers met to taste blind the following Ports:

Vasconcellos (Butler&Nephew) 65
Niepoort 1966
Noval 1966
Croft 1960
Croft 1966
Croft 1963
Warre 1966
Warre 1960
Ferreira 1963
Dow 1963
Taylor 1966
Harvey 1962

Since all was blind, at least some of us thought that if not the Harvey then the 65 must stick out from the pack as not being one of the great year&great producer combinations.

Lesson learned: All wines would have made the evening great - no one was able to spot the 62 or the 65. Wine of the night was: Niepoort 66, followed by Dow 63 and Warre 66.

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Re: 1960s Vintage Ports

Post by DRT » 00:07 Tue 02 Apr 2019

That is a great line-up of Ports, Axel.

I would love to taste the 1965 one day 88)
"The first duty of Port is to be red"
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