9/1 NY Unorganized Port offline

What happened?
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9/1 NY Unorganized Port offline

Post by g-man » 00:28 Wed 05 Sep 2018

As it's hard to herd cats, it's only slightly better herding Northeastern Americans to port offlines.

Sushinorth and I visited differentdave out at his house with the theme of share a bottle that is ready to drink.

Differentdave spotted a 1970 Croft and a 1970 Dows. Both of which were drinking well but I'd give the edge to the Croft which had a fantastic lingering finish and a lusher mouthfeel.

Sushinorth brought over a 1963 Taylors, a Taylors OBV, 1985 Churchills. The two taylors tasted over the hill showing heavy notes of madeirization with the Churchills getting better with some airtime to blow off some of the grassy greenness.

Non ports where the 78' Quady's - an interesting austrailian fortified wine that fooled neither me nor sushi when asked where this wine was from. I thought ukraine, Sushi went another portion of the world.

To round out the night
2015 Andremily syrah
2009 Larkmead solari
1988 Troplong Mondot
2004 Hospice du Beaune from a producer i can't remember.

Was a fun afternoon and looking forward to the next one gents.

Unfortunately no formal notes taken.
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