Oporto Restaurant - Canelas de Coelho

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Oporto Restaurant - Canelas de Coelho

Post by RAYC » 17:21 Thu 20 Sep 2012

I thought i'd give a quick mention to this very nice restaurant that i went to (on local recommendation) during a recent trip to Oporto - located near the Metro entrance on the western side of Aliados.

As the pics here and on facebook show, it's quite a small restaurant (8-10 tables?), smart modern decor (but nothing fancy), but serves extremely nicely prepared portuguese dishes.

Also has what looks like a fantastic (and very long) wine list - plenty of low price options - but I couldn't resist trying out the Abandonado 05 (price was not horrible - about EUR90 - which can't be too far off retail these days...). Less impressive for port, so we just headed down the road to Vinologia!

I haven't been to some of the other famed Oporto haunts (eg: DOP, Opaparico, Yeatman) so i make no claim that this place is comparable with those, but i had a great meal there.
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Re: Oporto Restaurant - Canelas de Coelho

Post by Roy Hersh » 04:51 Sun 17 Nov 2013

A nice tapas style restaurant with small dishes and very solid food. I've eaten here a bunch and pricing is good for food and somewhat reasonable for wine explorations. Service runs from friendly/professional to absolutely amateur hour. That being said, even the off nights were still pleasant.

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