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Post by uncle tom » 00:08 Mon 01 Oct 2007

Sometimes a post gats a subscript telling you if a post has been edited - sometimes not - after it HAS been edited.

Is the trigger system unstable, or does it allow a certain number of character changes before triggering? I've noticed that small grammatical corrections don't seem to act as a trigger, but adding a line does..

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Post by AHB » 10:09 Mon 01 Oct 2007

I think the line only appears if you perform an edit after someone else has viewed your posting. If you correct or edit a post before other people have seen the "draft" version then no-one ever knows that you had to go back and make a correction.

Apart from this exception, I have always seen the little "last edited" strap line appear at the bottom of my posts when I have had to make changes.

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Post by DRT » 11:56 Mon 01 Oct 2007

I think Alex is correct.
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