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Re: Tables

Post by flash_uk » 17:05 Wed 02 Nov 2016

PhilW wrote:Just attempted a table in a post, but it did not seem to work at all, using the format previously mentioned table/th/td format.
Could someone who knows how it should work check, and if it does still work please explain?
Phil - I retried the table from my post three above this one and it still works. Hit the reply with quotes to that post and you'll see the format of the bbcode for the table in that post.

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Re: Tables

Post by PhilW » 17:59 Wed 02 Nov 2016

Thanks Mike. Problem solved by taking yours and slowly converting it to mine. The issue is with the
"table" keyword syntax, which only seems to work if you specify alignment and not without (you would think it should default, and should work, if no alignment is specified). Specifically, it works fine if you put

Code: Select all

[table align=left]
but fails if you just use

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Re: Tables

Post by jdaw1 » 20:36 Wed 02 Nov 2016

As best I tried — and have just retested — phpBB doesn’t allow overloading. Nor does it allow optional parameters. Sorry.

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