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Struggling server

Posted: 17:34 Fri 13 Sep 2013
by PhilW
Aside from an outage period earlier, the server seems to be struggling a little today; all other internet fine from this location. Reboot needed perhaps?

Re: Struggline server

Posted: 17:57 Fri 13 Sep 2013
by DRT
We are hosted on a shared server so not something we have control of. There are no reported problems on the status page of the host's site.

Let me know if the problem continues and I will contact them. You would need to provide some specifics about time of access etc.

I am not experiencing the same as you.

Re: Struggline server

Posted: 17:59 Fri 13 Sep 2013
by jdaw1
It has been working for me.

Re: Struggling server

Posted: 07:58 Sat 14 Sep 2013
by PhilW
It had been struggling sometime between 15:30 and 17:15 (not sure of exact timing, was busy doing things in parallel), with varying issues; server unavailable for a short period, then an error message page served for a short while (message along the lines of "site currently unavailable, either due to temporary maintenance or due to high traffic issues"), then it returned but was laggy; just after I'd managed to post everything seemed to return to normal around 17:30. Perhaps just another site hosted by the same hosted/server experiencing sudden high traffic or similar.