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Privacy Statement

Post by DRT » 16:50 Wed 30 May 2018

Use of Personal Data on

As a registered user you will have been asked to provide certain items of personal data.

Your password is stored in a secure manner using the default phpBB security features and is known only to you. Your email and IP address will be visible only to the admin team of the forum. Together with your username, this data is used solely for the purposes of administering the forum, allowing you to post on the forum and preventing spam from being posted on the forum. Your personal data is not shared with any other party except as stated above, or as required by law.

In addition to your username, additional optional fields are available within your profile, such as location, interests and website. Any information you choose to enter in these fields will be visible to other users; these can be modified or removed at any time through the user settings and are not required to use this website.

If at any time you wish to delete your account, please advise one of the admin team (AHB, DRT, jdaw1 and PhilW) and we will do so. Your account will be deleted and your details removed from the website; your posts will remain as published public information, but they will be attributed to "a former member of the forum" or similar.
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