Russian posts this morning

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Russian posts this morning

Post by PhilW » 09:42 Mon 27 Mar 2017

Just in case anyone was uncertain, I understand enough Russian to confirm that these posts, their links, and their logins should be deleted.

Andy Velebil
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Re: Russian posts this morning

Post by Andy Velebil » 12:47 Mon 27 Mar 2017

I'm not sure. There seemed to be at least once reference to Port. However, my Russian probably isn't as good as yours.

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Re: Russian posts this morning

Post by flash_uk » 13:06 Mon 27 Mar 2017

If Phil understood any of that then he's certainly experienced some interesting conversations/activities in Russian 😳😀

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Re: Russian posts this morning

Post by Old Bridge » 16:42 Mon 27 Mar 2017

I recieved a pm with some intimate connection between Clinton and Trump.

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