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Post by smisse » 10:14 Mon 08 Feb 2010


One of my strange habits is to buy domains and sell them with profit. Obviously this profit is then invested in port and other wine :)

A while ago, I did some checks and found as available domain. I blocked it until I would figure out what to do with it.

Now I realised that I will not use it for private purposes and will put it up for sale. However, in case there is someone on :tpf: that is looking for a vintageport related domain and will not use it for commercial purposes, I would be willing to release it at no cost.

If it would be used for commercial purposes, we need to make an agreement.

If anyone is interested, pls send me a pm. In case nobody wants it, I will put it on the market in 2 weeks.

Again, I have no intention to make profit on fellow TPF members but I do want to know what your plan is with the domain.


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