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Post by ECMaster » 20:11 Wed 24 Jul 2019

Hi there, first of all congrats for the great Forum, really enjoy reading the topics from time to time. I am decorating a room in the House and would love to put some Port related item on the wall, being a true, yet recent, Port lover. I was more prone on some prints/maps/paintings as those are far easier to couple with the overall style of the House but every suggestions is highly welcomed! Thanks and cheers (despite the current heatwave :) )

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Re: Decorations!

Post by Doggett » 22:25 Wed 24 Jul 2019

Welcome ECM... what a great introductory post. I am lucky enough to be facing the same challenge and have a room set aside for wine/port tasting, wine/port library and a general area to display bottles and other such items. I shall look forward to reading the replies. It would be good to hear about how other TPF members have indulged their passion at home and what they have managed to get away with! How many special ‘trophy’ bottles is too many for instance?

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Re: Decorations!

Post by AHB » 12:48 Fri 26 Jul 2019

We have a whole range of Port related items, but these are scattered around the house rather than concentrated in one room. Things we have which immediately come to mind are a cork board made of used corks glued into place in a frame; old bottles; we use boxes (single bottles, special bottle boxes and multiple bottle boxes) fixed to the walls to form shelving units, end panels cut off boxes as wall paneling, old labels stuck onto a sheet of wallpaper and pasted to the wall, invitations to Port themed events (like to Berry Brothers Port Walks) framed together, Vesuvio bin labels pinned to the wall and a few old adverts or articles which have been framed and put on the walls.

One thing we plan to do but have not yet done is to create a wall in the garden from old bottles mortared together. We saw this done a few years ago at a Garden Show and it looks really impressive, especially if it's a south facing wall so the sunlight can play through the different colours and shapes of glass.

Nor have we thought about prints / maps / paintings although there is an artist in our area who produces decollage furniture using old maps. A six seat dining table and dining suite looks stunning. Maybe one day we should try something like that...
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Re: Decorations!

Post by DRT » 16:31 Fri 26 Jul 2019

I look at the Douro every time I watch TV...
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