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I hate TAP

Posted: 14:45 Sat 28 Apr 2018
by jdaw1
Trying to buy a flight. Flight selected. Where is the “Buy it now” button?

Where is the “TAP is useless and its board should resign” button?

Where is the “Mediterranean Eurozone will go bust if Germany doesn’t pay all its bills” button?

(I’ve asked my missus to help. Maybe it’s obvious and I’m being a retard. Maybe TAP’s website designer is a retard. Both not impossible.)

Re: I hate TAP

Posted: 15:10 Sat 28 Apr 2018
by jdaw1
Many web pages have a line near the bottom, below which are navigational links. If looking at a long list, and making selections with buttons within this list, this navigational zone might be half-a-dozen screenfuls beneath where the selection is being made.

TAP has put the ‘buy it now you retard’ button in this zone, rather than anywhere near the area in which buttons are being pushed to make choices.

Why? Presumably common-garden less-spotted incompetence.

Re: I hate TAP

Posted: 14:00 Mon 30 Apr 2018
by AHB
Can I watch next time you want to book a ticket with Ryan Air?