Hello and opinions sought

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Hello and opinions sought

Post by Vintage1964 » 12:36 Fri 02 Jan 2015

Hi all,

I'm Marcus, an occasional port drinker.

I'm concerned that a bottle of Fonseca 1985 that I was given a year ago is going to get ruined lying on the kitchen floor...should I drink it now or will it be ok in a house where temperatures fluctuate between 6 Celsius on a winter's night to 28 Celsius on a hot summer day?

Also what I do want to open is a Graham's 1999 Quinta or a Warre's 1997....which one would people recommend I open now?



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Re: Hello and opinions sought

Post by jdaw1 » 12:54 Fri 02 Jan 2015

Opening a bottle of Fonseca 1985 is always a good plan. Just always, but even more so if you can’t store it properly.

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Re: Hello and opinions sought

Post by DRT » 13:08 Fri 02 Jan 2015

Hi Marcus,

Welcome to :tpf:

Your Fonseca 1985 will not be ruined in that temperature range but it will evolve quicker than if it was stored at a stable temperature. If you want to hold onto it for some reason it would be a good idea to wrap it in something that will insulate it from day to day temperature fluctuations and put it in a cupboard in the centre of the house.

The Graham's 1999 will more than likely be more evolved and ready to drink than the Warre 1997 but both will benefit from a few more years in the bottle so no harm in keeping either of them.


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Re: Hello and opinions sought

Post by LGTrotter » 13:40 Fri 02 Jan 2015

The warmest of welcomes and a happy new year!

I think the 97s are going through a bit of an awkward phase at the moment, so although I have not tried the 99 Graham thing I should probably start with that. But like Julian/jdaw1 I would find myself drawn to the Fonseca 85 on account of it being delicious.

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