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new member says hello

Posted: 16:25 Thu 24 Apr 2014
by henrygjeffreys

I've recently become very interested in port. It was the birth of my daughter in 2011 and the vintage declaration that did it. I bought a case of Churchill which I hope she'll let me try on her 21st birthday. My wife and I now always have a bottle of tawny on the go. She loves it as much as I do.

I'm a writer and I'm currently researching a book about the British impact on what we drink today. It's called Empire of Booze. I'm here to talk about port, learn and research, rather than plug the book but you can find out about it if you google it. I'm very interested in books about port (and other fortified wines) so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Have already discovered this site through Port Forum

Re: new member says hello

Posted: 22:43 Thu 24 Apr 2014
by DRT

Welcome to :tpf: :D

I'm pleased that you found us through as that is a little pet project of mine.

Have you discovered It might be of interest to your research.

I hope you have fun here and perhaps you could join us at one of our many tastings.


Re: new member says hello

Posted: 22:49 Thu 24 Apr 2014
by flash_uk
Welcome Henry - there are plenty of people here who can talk about port for hours so you certainly will not struggle to get some input and opinions! I had a look at your blog - really enjoyed reading various entries. I was wondering, did you ever get the wine club going?

Re: new member says hello

Posted: 00:52 Fri 25 Apr 2014
by djewesbury
What period are you researching particularly? C17th, C18th, C19th? Might be able to point you toward some interesting resources, depending..

Re: new member says hello

Posted: 10:13 Fri 25 Apr 2014
by henrygjeffreys
Hello all! Thank you for your responses.

The period I'm most interested in is the late 17th and early 18th - the pioneering early days - but I think i'll go right into the 19th century as the stuff about Sandeman and Wellington and the Napoleonic wars is too good to leave out.

The wine club never really worked as nobody wanted to talk about wine except me. Happily since I started writing about wine, I now have some like-minded people I can talk to. And now I've got the Port Forum.