Aloha from Sweden

Come and say hello.
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Aloha from Sweden

Post by Martin » 09:58 Fri 28 Mar 2014

Hello all!
Thank you for accepting me as a member here :D
My name is Martin from Malmö, Sweden. I have been looking around at this forum for 3-4 weeks and with some help I could register here today.

Port is very new to me, tasted my first port when the family was on holiday in Cape Verde 1month ago and it was love at first taste and this was a local no-name port(I guess they know a little about port since its a former Portuguese colony)

My goal right now is to find some since port from 1978 that I can open and enjoy at my birthday this year, if you have tasted any nice port from this year please let me know.



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Re: Aloha from Sweden

Post by jdaw1 » 10:54 Fri 28 Mar 2014

Hello and welcome to :tpf:. Sorry about being blocked by the anti-spam filters — hotmail is a spam disaster — but more than half of all registrations are spam, so we must have several layers of blocking.

Several houses declared 1978, though some with their second name (a single-quinta vintage port). You might want to read the review of the 1978 Horizontal on 14th May 2010.

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Re: Aloha from Sweden

Post by PhilW » 11:12 Fri 28 Mar 2014

Welcome to :tpf:

1978 was unfortunately not a great year for Vintage Port; if I were buying for a friend and it *had* to be 1978, and it had to be Vintage Port, then I'd probably go for the Grahams Malvedos '78 which would be ok (not a resounding recommendation I know). Frankly though, it is not good value for money, as you can get a Grahams '77 (delicious) for less than the '78.

Alternatively, if you like Tawny ports, then you could consider a Colheita (a tawny port from a specific single year, rather than a blend), perhaps something like a Kopke Colheita 1978, which I would expect to show very well.

It all depends on whether you prefer ruby or tawny port...

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Re: Aloha from Sweden

Post by AHB » 15:08 Fri 28 Mar 2014

I've had the Quinta do Noval 1978 and rather enjoy it - but it is very evolved. Lots of brown sugar flavours, but still quite tasty.

Oh yes - and welcome Martin!
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