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Come and say hello.
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Re: Hello all

Post by DRT » 09:58 Thu 30 Jan 2014

An Admin SNAFU :oops:
On 29 Jan 2014 at 16:08 a new user named flash_uk wrote:Great to be here - looking forward to some banter and hopefully catching up with some of you at a tasting.

I've only recently become familiar with the delights of drinking port and vintage port especially. Until now my main focus has been Burgundy, but having shared a bottle of vintage port which a friend pulled out of the family cellar (no idea what it was - think it was a 1960s vintage) my eyes (and throat) were opened up to a fantastic tipple.

I have been reading some of the posts about the tastings at TBH, which is a 10 minute walk from where I work. Would love to come along one evening. Never been to a tasting before, but I'm sure I can work it out!

I'm in the process of converting an unused garage into a storage cellar. Having fun doing it myself, but as a consequence the project is proceeding at the pace of a thousand snails.

All the best
On 13 Feb 2014 Admin DRT deleted flash_uk's account in error whilst shooting spammers.

Hopefully flash_uk will return soon.

Welcome to :tpf: :D

I look forward to meeting you at TBH sometime soon.
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Re: Hello all

Post by jdaw1 » 10:36 Thu 30 Jan 2014

Welcome to TPF. Don’t be shy about tastings: when one is being organised, post in that thread asking for a space, and typically one will be yours.

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Re: Hello all

Post by flash_uk » 21:14 Thu 13 Feb 2014

Back in action again 88)
Good work by DRT to recover my first rambling post!

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