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Post by CPR 1 » 14:34 Fri 20 Sep 2013

Hello all,

I am Charles and live in Suffolk,

I explain/blame my taste for port on my Grandfather and Farther who introduced port to me and shared many a bottle from 1970 with me over the years.

I have enjoyed exploring more widely over the last year or so especially 1977's as I was born in that year.

Hope to be able to meet some of you at the London tastings and get togethers.


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Re: Newbie!

Post by jdaw1 » 14:39 Fri 20 Sep 2013

1970 is fine port indeed. Having learnt at the feet of the masters, you are already a master.

And ’77s, when not corked, can be excellent too.

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Re: Newbie!

Post by AHB » 22:14 Sun 22 Sep 2013

Being brought up on 1970 vintage port is a hardship, but someone has to do it. Welcome to the place where we wish we could all have had the same upbringing.

And please do invite yourself along to one of our port tastings. They are all open to people who post on this site. The informal events are usually bring a bottle of vintage port and contribute about £40 to cover the cost of your dinner.
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