Introducing myself

Come and say hello.
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Introducing myself

Post by lngn2 » 12:05 Thu 23 Jul 2009

Hi everyone.

I've recently signed up here and wanted to introduce myself. I'm not enormously knowledgeable about Port but enjoy the odd bottle occasionally - I first got interested by a bottle of Delaforce 1970 shared with a friend back in 2006. Otherwise I'm a big fan of Mosel Rieslings and am 'In the business' as an online auctioneer ('Bid for Wine').

I look forward to contributing and hopefully learning more!

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Re: Introducing myself

Post by AHB » 14:05 Thu 23 Jul 2009


Welcome to the port forum. It's always interesting to have people with a professional view of the wine world offering their thoughts and we might be able to help you as and when you have any particular questions on port.

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Re: Introducing myself

Post by jdaw1 » 15:47 Thu 23 Jul 2009

Hello there. 1970 is indeed a good year, reasonably priced and now drinking well. And I’ve also had some good Delaforce ’70 (e.g., e.g.).

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Re: Introducing myself

Post by g-man » 14:04 Fri 24 Jul 2009

Welcome to the boards Lionel.

Looking forward to sharing a few glasses with you.
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Re: Introducing myself

Post by RonnieRoots » 10:23 Sun 02 Aug 2009

Welcome Lionel. I too am an enormous Mosel fan. :)

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