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Posted: 06:59 Mon 26 Oct 2020
by Delinquent
Hello together

I'm a swiss guy who started to dive into Port about 6 month ago. Since then a whole new world has been revealed to me.
Lucky as I am, I've met a friend who has good knowledge an even better sources for real Port treasures.
Exept Port, I am in love with Whisky (Scotch for 95%) for many years now - so it happend that several hundred bottles found the way to my cellar.

I'm looking forward to discuss and exchange information with you guys.


Re: Hello

Posted: 21:15 Wed 28 Oct 2020
by jdaw1
Hello and welcome to TPF, and extra congratulations for not being blasted along with the current wave of spammers.

Have you a favourite Port so far?

Re: Hello

Posted: 13:41 Thu 05 Nov 2020
by Delinquent
Thank you!

No, I don't have any - still on the voyage. My best so far were a Barros Vintage from 1978, Grahams Vintage 1970, Amandio White Colheita from 1945 and a Grahams Colheita from 1870. I've had way more Colheitas/Aged Ports than Vintages.