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Hello from London

Posted: 22:40 Sat 20 Jun 2020
by FGate
Hello All,

I am a student based between London and Oxford and over the past few years have developed a passion for all things wine: drinking it, learning about it, the whole shebang.

Unusually I became interested in Port before anything else. My father collects Burgundy, Claret and VP and I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy some great bottles with him. I’ve also been steered towards the stuff by a number of other bad (or good?) influences...

Whilst it is undoubtedly an enjoyable thing to put away a bottle (or two) on one’s own, I think it is even more enjoyable and certainly more edifying to drink six or seven glasses from different bottles and to compare, contrast and discuss with friends.

I have seen tastings planned on this forum that look like they would fit that exact bill. I hope very much that I might be welcome at some in the future.

Freddie Gate

Re: Hello from London

Posted: 23:06 Sat 20 Jun 2020
by akzy
Welcome to :tpf: Freddie!
I was in a similar boat to you a few years back; both being a student being into Port before anything else (I can only presume its because of how big and sweet a wine it is which just makes it so approachable).

Everyone here kindly welcomed me in and started me on an incredibly slippery slope into Port. I'm sure the same will happen to you.

Re: Hello from London

Posted: 01:14 Sun 21 Jun 2020
by AHB
Freddie - Zak's comment is from someone who joined the group not so long ago.

My comment is from the view of someone who has been part of the Port Forum for over 10 years: Everyone is welcome. We love Port. We love drinking Port. We love talking about Port. We love sharing Port.

As and when we come out of lockdown you are most welcome to join us at one of our tastings.

But you don't need to wait until then. We've got a Zoom tasting on 30th June where we all just open a bottle of Port (of whatever kind - incuding whatever is available at your local supermarket) and chat. There are 2-3 people who are now regualrs on the Zoom calls (this will be our 8th) who have not been able to join the physical dinners before lockdown. If you'd like to be part of the next call, just post to that effect on this thread.

You would be very welcome to join us.

Re: Hello from London

Posted: 10:30 Mon 22 Jun 2020
by rich_n
Welcome Freddie! If you do decide to join the virtual tasting on the 30th, I will be opening a bottle of the 2015 Sandeman LBV; a wine that a few here on the forum have tasted and recommended. It's currently available (and helpfully is on sale for around £14-15, I helped myself to 6 bottles) at Waitrose and I'd be happy to virtually share notes with you if you decide that's a good choice for you.

Good luck with your port journey, I have found many friendly and helpful folks here since I joined a year ago.

Re: Hello from London

Posted: 12:47 Tue 23 Jun 2020
by FGate
Thank you all for your kind words of welcome. I would love to join you on the 30th. See you then!