Hello from Hornchurch (London)

Come and say hello.
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Spotter Brown
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Hello from Hornchurch (London)

Post by Spotter Brown » 18:08 Fri 07 Dec 2018

Hi, I just joined after receiving my copy of your venerable Jdaw's contribution to wine literature. For me I have a vintage port season, I normally open my first one when I smell the first firework of the year and my season closes when the Daffodils appear in the Spring. One of the reasons vintage port appeals to me is that even beginners can appreciate the difference between the basic stuff and the more sophisticated bottles, I have not meet many people who don't like port and I have taken great pleasure in watching friends graduate from LBV to the single quintas and then onto the big boys. Other "fine" wines often have an acquired taste not really appreciated by the general imbiber so it is a great sharing drink. Anyway hello to everyone and remember a port is not just for Christmas.

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Re: Hello from Hornchurch (London)

Post by DRT » 19:45 Fri 07 Dec 2018

Hello and welcome to :tpf: :D

Living in London gives you the opportunity to join one of our tastings so we hope to see you soon!

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Re: Hello from Hornchurch (London)

Post by AHB » 14:21 Mon 17 Dec 2018

I too have a Vintage Port season, although mine starts a little earlier than yours. My season tends to start with the return to school at the start of September. It then runs through the winter and spring until the family disappears off for our annual summer holiday on August, at which point I stop drinking Port until the new season starts.

A little more seriously, I don't stop drinking Port in the summer, but do switch to types of Port which are enjoyable when drunk chilled, such as White Port with tonic, Colheita, tawny, LBV or young Vintage Port drunk straight from the fridge. Very refreshing in the summer.
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