Hello from Lisbon

Come and say hello.
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Hello from Lisbon

Post by RNR » 15:00 Mon 13 Aug 2018

Good Afternon to all

I’m a 46 Spaniard from San Sebastián living mostly weekends here in Lisbon area.

It’s incredible that Port wines are unknown in Spain, but fortunately for me my job bring me to this beautiful country and They found me : Tawny, colheita, LBV, vintage ...

I’ve discovered this forum recently when I was thinking of buying a coravin for my reduced but increasing Vintage collection as unfortunately I’m the only drinker of those wines ....
Still not clear if makes sense to buy it. Let’s see ...

Fortunately I will be able to learn from all the experienced forum colleagues

Thanks in advance



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Re: Hello from Lisbon

Post by AHB » 17:03 Tue 14 Aug 2018

Ola RNR, and welcome to the Port Forum.

Those Coravins are a great investment (although I have also used Leibherr and currently use a EuroCave cabinet) but they need to be made expandable. However large a size you buy - it will be too small within a year!
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Re: Hello from Lisbon

Post by flash_uk » 12:26 Wed 15 Aug 2018

Welcome RNR!

I also have a Coravin, but haven't used it with a VP yet. Given that you need to tip the bottle up to get the wine to flow, I do wonder if the bottle sediment would end up clogging the needle hole. Maybe a quick blast of argon would clear it if that happened.

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