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Hello from Italy

Posted: 09:28 Tue 31 Jul 2018
by Pelitcka
Hello to all!

I'm an Italian wine taster from Naples and I'm 34 years old.

I am deepening the world of fortified wines and I have already taken advantage of many suggestions and information on this forum.
Excellent work, congratulations!

In this period I am studying "Port and the Douro" by Mayson and I can not wait to spend the holidays in Portugal and in particular the second week when I will be in Porto and in the Douro region.

I apologize for my English and I also hope to improve it by exchanging notes and impressions with you and, maybe, if I can also participate in some organized tasting

Good day to all!

Re: Hello from Italy

Posted: 12:34 Fri 10 Aug 2018
by AHB
Hi Pelitcka and welcome to the Forum. Please don't worry about your English — it's very good! I'm pleased we've been able to help with your learning of the world of fortified wines and you have chosen a very good book to study.

And, of course, you would be welcome to join an organised tasting. You would not be the first Italian to do so!