Not a hard sell...

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Not a hard sell...

Post by StuartC » 11:18 Fri 20 Jul 2018

Hi Folks,

To get the requisite disclaimer out the way first: I'm the director of Wine Auctioneer ( - we launched in November 2017 offering bimonthly online wine auctions, regularly featuring swathes of interesting and mature Ports - so potentially a great place for members to buy and sell. From a business perspective, I guess you can expect to see me providing valuations on the Selling Ports thread - I promise not to go for the hard sell though!

I've visited Portugal 3 times now - definitely one of my favourite countries! - and plans are always in the back of my mind for when I can next go back. A couple years ago, I hired a car and extensively toured the north of Portugal, including producer visits in the Douro and Dao - it took ages getting anywhere with all the camera-stops!!! Recommendations always welcome.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Grahams, Niepoort and Kopke. I'd highly recommend visiting the Graham's lodge in Villa Nova De Gaia - best tour in the city; though Kopke's tasting rooms are ideal for anyone short on time (incredible riverside & city views). Though I do love a mature colheita, I probably drink more of Niepoort's young and vibrant Ruby Dum - anytime drinking. :lol:

Stumbled upon this forum and have since found it to be a hugely valuable wealth of collective knowledge. Looking forward to being student and contributor.


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Re: Not a hard sell...

Post by AHB » 13:18 Fri 20 Jul 2018

Welcome Stuart - and thank you for the clear disclaimer. Please feel free to contribute or ask questions at any time. We're all on this forum because we love port and love talking about port.
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