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Hello, folks

Posted: 20:15 Mon 02 Jul 2018
by M.Charlton
Thanks for adding me to the forum!

I’ve been drinking port for a few years now, and I’m keen to advance my knowledge. I therefore attended the port walk at Berry’s last November, and when looking for the event for this year, I came across this: ... ember-2018

Do any of you folks know about the above event and how it compares to the port walk? Any info/comments would be much appreciated.


Re: Hello, folks

Posted: 07:15 Wed 04 Jul 2018
by jdaw1
Hello and welcome to TPF.

Re your question, I don’t know, but Berry’s will. Perhaps ask BBR to recommend for you one of the walk and the tutored tasting.

Re: Hello, folks

Posted: 14:54 Mon 09 Jul 2018
by AHB
Welcome Michael

I've been to a few of the tutored tastings at Berry's and have enjoyed them all. They are much more formally organised than the genteel chaos that is the Port Walk. The tutored tastings tend to be seated classroom style in rows with your glasses laid out in front of you. Over the course of 2 hours, Demetri will probably take you through some background to Port and the region and then describe, taste and discuss each wine one at a time. It's a nice range of Ports he's chosen for the event.

You know the way the Port Walk works. You get a larger range of Ports to choose from, but can sometimes struggle to get to the counter.

But, of course, the best way to advance your knowledge is to put your hand up for one of our evening get-togethers. The last one on July 3rd would have been a great example - 8 people with a range of Ports going from a Dow 1980 back to a Ferreira 1815. These really are open to anyone who is interested in Port and would like to come along. All you have to do is to post on the forum that you'd like to attend and agree to bring a bottle of Port to share with others, pay £10 towards corkage and service and cover the your share of the cost of food if you decide to eat (usually another £40-45).


Re: Hello, folks

Posted: 23:47 Thu 12 Jul 2018
by M.Charlton
Thank you for both of your replies, very helpful indeed!

And thank you, Alex, for mentioning the get togethers and the related info. I must say having read a few posts about these events in the forum, they look excellent (and are held very close to my workplace - bonus!). I’ll certainly keep my eyes peeled and if I can make one, I’ll be sure to mention this in the relevant thread.


Re: Hello, folks

Posted: 09:17 Fri 13 Jul 2018
by DaveRL
Hello Michael
Evening get togethers are indeed excellent, and you would be very welcome to join us sharing port.