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Hello Everyone !

Posted: 01:45 Wed 13 Jul 2016
by Caparica
Dear all,

thank you for letting me in ...
I'm from the 1974 vintage, not really a good year for vintage port but quite rare.
From teenager age I was fascinated in very very old bottles of port and Madeira ...
So later i began to collect these ... and now i have someone bottle aside. :wink:
Of course i drank also someone nice glass of port in these years.

I make part of new European football champion country 2016 ! PORTUGAL

So hopefully I can share with you some nice drinking experience and learn a bit more !



Re: Hello Everyone !

Posted: 12:55 Wed 13 Jul 2016
by jdaw1
Hello Daniel. We like Port too — for me, from the age of 19.

Where are you? London? Elsewhere in the UK? Portugal?