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Hello from Porto - Portugal

Posted: 16:27 Mon 25 Jan 2016
by portium

I'm new here.

I'm from Porto - Portugal. I colect and sometimes sell Port and Madeira.

I would like to learn a little bit more about Port and also share my wine experiences with all members.

All the best

Re: Hello from Porto - Portugal

Posted: 23:58 Mon 25 Jan 2016
by Doggett
Hi JL,

Welcome to :tpf: where most of us spend way too much time wishing we were in wonderful Porto and further along the Douro. In the meantime...another glass of Port will have to suffice. I look forward to hearing more about your wine experiences and your thoughts on the Port industry from a local perspective. Oh...and if you are ever coming over to the
U.K., let us know and we can hopefully arrange a port tasting.

All the best,


Re: Hello from Porto - Portugal

Posted: 09:03 Tue 26 Jan 2016
by AHB
Welcome to the Forum JL. I hope you enjoy reading about Port and please join in when you can. We are always pleased to hear from people closer to where our favourite drink is made.