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New to Port

Post by ncosta » 16:33 Mon 11 Jun 2018

Hello All,

i'm new to the fórum and new to the Port world, unless for the Vintage style, i'm from Portugal, i live in tras-os-Montes region wich is very near to Douro, i'm also a wine and olive oil producer trying to enter the market right now, but my region is not qualified for Porto so i only do the traditional reds and whites.

I hope to learn with all of you and share my experiences, i have a couple of Vintage bottles, some given from some famally members as a birthday gift other bought by my me.

I also did a small amount of handcrafet Porto in 2016 wich one part i bottled this year to try to make some kind of vintage :-) the rest will old in barrel for the rest of the years.
In Portugal we use to drink a lot of more Tawnys and in my region we can find a lot homemade tawnys/Colheitas very old that still are in the barrel, you can find it with 40, 50, or 70 years old, it's some kind of tradition to make your own wine and let it get older in the barrels for many and many years.

For start i want help with wich bottles i should open first and wich bottles i can store some more years, here's a lis of what i have:

Real Vinicola Vintage - 1970
Real Companhia Velha Vintage - 1970, 1981, 1983, 1985, 2001
Borges Vintage - 1970, 1985
Barros Vintage - 1978
Grahams Vintage Malvedos - 1978, 1983
Gran Cruz LBV - 2001
Fereira LBV - 1997
Nieportt LBV - 2003
Dows Vintage - 2011 (Bought recently)

Thanks a lot and sorry for my English.


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Re: New to Port

Post by jdaw1 » 21:41 Mon 11 Jun 2018

Hello and welcome.

More Portuguese people are needed here. We Brits tend to own the Ports available in the UK — no surprise. Whereas you have (mostly) Portuguese names. Please do post tasting notes.

PS: as this is an introduction thread, I’m moving it to that forum.

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