A new way to serve Guinness

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A new way to serve Guinness

Post by DRT » 19:46 Thu 01 Jan 2015

I bought a can of Guinness Surger in a hotel in Cromer in Norfolk last week. I had never heard of it before and must confess it was quite amusing to watch.

Has anyone else seen this?
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A new way to serve Guinness

Post by djewesbury » 19:49 Thu 01 Jan 2015

If I had needed proof that Diageo is a very suspect cove altogether, this provides it. I think I will make a new year's resolution to stop drinking it.
Daniel J.
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Re: A new way to serve Guinness

Post by Andy Velebil » 19:03 Sun 04 Jan 2015

Never seen or heard of it before. What happened to the "widget" that used to be in the can version. That seemed to work quite well without having to tote around this unit.

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