Auberge de Potaupré (Chimay)

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Auberge de Potaupré (Chimay)

Post by RonnieRoots » 20:04 Tue 17 Aug 2010

We just spent two nights in Auberge de Potaupré in Belgium. Why is that worthy of mentioning in the beer section? Well, it is linked to the Abbaye de Scourmont, where Chimay is brewed. You can visit the Abbey but can't taste or buy any of the Chimay beers there. To do that you have to go to the Auberge, which also happens to have 7 guestrooms. To find your minibar filled with bottles of Chimay Rouge, Blanc and Bleu is a very nice surprise, but it is even better to sit in their garden, enjoy a tasting of Chimay cheese and drink a couple of beers there.

The food in the restaurant is basic but very tasty, and sauces to accompany the (well made) steaks are of course made with either cheese or beer. In the shop next to the restaurant you can buy the beers, cheeses and all sorts of Chimay gimmicks.

Auberge de Potaupré is also the only place where you can taste a pilsner, brewed by Chimay. It is a pilsner on yeast, which gives it a very floral taste. Great stuff. It used to be called Chimay Doré, and was for sale there as well, but now they changed the name to Speciale de Potaupré and you can only buy it from draught.

On our second day (Monday) the restaurant was closed, so we visited another Auberge, at 5 minutes walking distance. The food here was on a higher level, but also more expensive. Still affordable though. Here too, everything evolves around Chimay.

Two great days during which many a bottle of Chimay was opened.

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