Fake whisky

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Fake whisky

Post by flash_uk » 12:19 Thu 02 Nov 2017

Fake port can be an expensive matter, but not on the scale of fake whisky...

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Re: Fake whisky

Post by Glenn E. » 16:12 Thu 02 Nov 2017

Two things stand out for me in that article.

1. Someone bothered to fake a 100-year old bottle of whisky 25 years ago. Though I suppose that does actually make some sense since I'm getting old and 25 years ago isn't as long ago as I think it is.

2. The hotel performed the investigation and voluntarily refunded the customer without the customer even knowing there was a problem. Now that is customer service! I can only hope that someday I have the chance to visit the Waldhaus am See and taste some whisky to support their business.
Glenn Elliott

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