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1981 Blandy Malmsey

Posted: 13:32 Sun 01 Mar 2020
by AHB
The oldest Malmsey remaining in the Blandy cellars is from the 1980 vintage. This is available from Fine & Rare for around £400 per bottle, in bond.

Mid-orange in colour with a green rim. Candied lemon peel on the nose, sugary and full of fragrant fruit giving a deliciously pronounced nose with just a hint of VA integrated nicely. Sweet oranges on the entry with a thick and oily texture. Rampant orange flavours swarm over the mid-palate, incredibly intense and backed by fabulous acidity. This wine has a wonderful balance with the intense acidity perfectly offsetting the sweetness which combine to deliver a finish which lasts for over 10 minutes. Absolutely amazing wine. 98/100. Drunk 29-Feb-20.

Re: 1981 Blandy Malmsey

Posted: 13:50 Sun 01 Mar 2020
by winesecretary
Sounds jolly nice. When was this 1981 bottled? The tone of your note suggests that it has had a good long rest in barrel before recent bottling.