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2016 Mont Blois Muskadel Pomphuis

Posted: 01:40 Sat 16 Dec 2017
by AHB
From the Hoopsrivier Ward of Robertson. A fortified white muscadelle which the family have made for many years but which they stopped bottling (and sold on to other wineries) in 1985. This is the first vintage which the family have started to bottle and market again under their own name. The vines used to make this wine are around 25 years old. 50cl bottle.

Light straw-yellow in colour, 5% opaque. Showing a delightful nose of tinned peaches in syrup. Thick texture on the palate, bringing brioche and cream. Nice layering of flavour which is underpinned by honey and by lemon acidity. Lingering on the finish, thick and sweet with lots of icing sugar and peaches. Attractive and floral but could use more acidity to keep the flavours fresher. 87/100. 11-Oct-17.