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2011 Allesverloren Cape Vintage

Posted: 22:18 Sun 05 Nov 2017
by AHB
A bottle bought from the bar at Bakubung. Sealed with a T-stopper, decanted completely cleanly with no sediment at all. Made from 6 Portuguese Port grape varieties and matured in large oak vats for 20 months.

Glowing ruby red colour, 80% opaque. Attractive smell of red cherries and a nice earthy violet. Lightweight on the palate, gentle fruit and a pleasant acidity with a floral overtone. Soft tannins show on the midpalate. Pleasant flavours but fairly straightforward. Hot aftertaste, with a dry grip around the mouth before a big baked fruit finish that grips and holds and lasts for a long time. The finish is extraordinary when set against the ordinary nose and palate. I would compare this to a top quality reserve ruby such as Graham 6 Grapes or Noval Black but with a touch less sweetness. I speculate that this has been filtered or cold stabilized and is aimed at the on-trade. 84/100. 05-Sep-17. Decanted 24 hours.