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1959 Massandra Red Port

Posted: 14:08 Mon 03 Apr 2017
by AHB
Massandra Red Port Wine offered by the glass at Hedonism. Burnished gold in colour with a wide rim that has a watery appearance; 10% opaque. An unusual and not very pleasant nose of sweet pickled onions. Sweet onion marmalade comes through on the entry, with a thick texture. There is sweetness here but also a bitter core. Air brings a little balance to the wine but this is unlike Port and has more in common with Sherry in terms of flavour profile. There is a bitter marmalade finish and a very impressive finish. This tastes barrel aged and is actually quite enjoyable once you acclimatise to the shock of the flavour profile. 17.1% alcohol (and 10.0g of residual sugar according to the label). £14.50 for the glass. 88/100. Drunk 20-Feb-17.