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1995 Quinta do Crasto Touriga Nacional Douro

Posted: 03:35 Thu 25 Aug 2016
by Andy Velebil
The first vintage of this wine. Sealed with a double capsule (plastic under the regular one) that seems to have been the popular thing in the Douro for a short bit. The color is showing some bricking but mostly a burgundy red color. The nose has a lot of cherries, beef bullion, and iodine. While mostly resolved, there is still just a faint touch of tannins showing on the palate. Plenty of dried cherries, iodine, mushrooms, and some dried spice. On the back end forest floor and slight barnyard, in a good way, poke through. The palate on this one is just a tad more complex than my last bottle back in Feburary but the finish on this bottle is just a tad shorter. Like the last bottle, this seems to be at peak and should hold for a few more years without issue. For anyone who like Crasto wines, this is a very different style than current vintages. A much more rustic Douro style. I paired this with a 30+ day dry aged Flannery Beef California Reserve 20 oz. Ribeye steak and it was a perfect match.
91 Points