NY 1970s VP, Chris MIA tasting

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NY 1970s VP, Chris MIA tasting

Post by Chris Doty » 03:33 Sat 16 Jul 2011

Great night, chaps.

Wonderful to finally meet the NY TPF crew.

Key takeaways:

1.) 1970 is a very cellar-worthy vintage, with most of the top producers only now starting to enter their prime drinking windows

2.) Moderate bottle-to-bottle variability, but not nearly as bad as '77 or '85

3.) The top houses (Fonseca, Taylor, Graham, Dow) produced wines of a very high standard, with a tight band in overall enjoyability despite a wider array in flavor profiles, etc.

Personally, I thought the Dow (91+) was the WOTN, followed quite closely by the Fonseca (91), Taylor (90+) and Graham (90). The 'Warre' (which had a Quarrels Harris branded cork) was corked, sadly, and the Cockburn was simply outclassed.

Generally speaking, the wines brought to the tasting were the most distressed of among recent auction purchases (at least this was the case for the Taylor, Dow and Fonseca), which suggests a 'high bottom' for these producers from this year. While I've probably had better bottles of each of the wines on display tonight, it has reinforced the view that 1970 produced some really stellar exemplars of what top flight vintage port is all about.

More comprehensive notes to follow once I'm sober. Thank god for auto spell check!