BFT 2019 Tasting Notes

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BFT 2019 Tasting Notes

Post by AHB » 15:31 Thu 18 Apr 2019

Purely for convenience, as people post tasting notes of the Ports and other fortified wines they tried at the BFT, I will try to keep a list of them here.

I tasted the ranges from Villa Oeiras (Carcavelos) and the two producers from Pico (Picowines and Czar Wines) - not a bad wine between them! I shall be hunting some out for future drinking, they were delicious.

2003 Kopke White Colheita
2005 Graham Malvedos
2008 Kopke White Colheita
2011 Dalva
2016 Bulas
2016 Churchill Quinta da Gricha
2016 Maynard
2016 Vieira de Souza
2017 Maynard
2017 Niepoort
2017 Pocas
NV Croft 430th Anniversary
NV Kopke Dry White
NV Kopke Fine White
NV Kopke Lagrima White
NV Kopke Very Old Dry White
NV Kopke 10YO White
NV Kopke 20YO White
NV Kopke 30YO White
NV Kopke 40YO White
NV Quinta das Lamelas Rose
Top Ports in 2019: Niepoort VV (1960s bottling) and Quinta do Noval Nacional 2017
Top Ports in 2020 (so far): Croft 1945 and Niepoort VV (1960s bottling)

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