Thu 7 September 2017 - Single Quinta Ports

What happened?
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Thu 7 September 2017 - Single Quinta Ports

Post by AHB » 17:08 Fri 08 Sep 2017

This was a great theme and made for a very enjoyable evening when even the monkey made a fool of himself and his ability to identify the port in his glass. It was great to be able to try a number of ports which I rarely drink and one from Ray which I've not tried before (Terra Feita 1982).

The Fonseca Guimaraens 1978 with a cork branded Cruzeiro was a surprise - I wonder if the FG78 was a single quinta port. This was also my wine of the night.

Other ports we drank were Vargellas 1991, Crasto 1987, Vesuvio 1989, and Malvedos 1976.

Thank you to Charles for organising the night and for the theme.
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