Quinta de La Rosa - New Restaurant

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Quinta de La Rosa - New Restaurant

Post by Axel P » 13:59 Mon 29 May 2017

Sophia Bergqvist opened her new Restaurant "Cozinha da Clara" on the weekend, very central, very stylish, extremely good food and a very nice view on the river. With 21 bedrooms now, she is one of the most central and attractive hotel-Quintas in the Douro.

This Port was served: http://worldofport.de/Wein/Wein17-06%20EN.html

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Re: Quinta de La Rosa - New Restaurant

Post by jdaw1 » 15:54 Sun 18 Jun 2017

“La Rosa Vintage Port from Sophia's birthyear 1960, bottled by Sandeman”: not shabby at all.

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Re: Quinta de La Rosa - New Restaurant

Post by CPR 1 » 21:32 Mon 26 Jun 2017

I and 2 others stayed last Tuesday and can confirm the new restaurant is excellent, great food with a fabulous setting. Overall it is a great spot as the rooms are also excellent.

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