Mon 10 April 2017, Hawksmoor on Air Street, Kr65 D70 V97

What happened?
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Mon 10 April 2017, Hawksmoor on Air Street, Kr65 D70 V97

Post by jdaw1 » 21:17 Tue 11 Apr 2017

On Monday 10th April 2017 AHB, DRT, and JDAW met at Hawksmoor on Air Street for Port.

Links: Review; Kr65; D70; V97.

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Re: Mon 10 April 2017, Hawksmoor on Air Street, Kr65 D70 V97

Post by DRT » 08:29 Wed 12 Apr 2017

An excellent evening in good company with some lovely Ports.

A big thank you to AHB for bringing the Kr65 to celebrate my recent birthday. This showed much better than the two bottles I tasted from the same release last year so hopefully that is an indication that the wine is settling down after re-corking. Julian's D70 was just as it should be - a fantastic Port - thank you for sharing.

A key lesson for me is that 41 days of dry ageing is too long for my taste in beef. Rather dried out and fatty. Thankfully the youthful acidity of the V97 provided a good accompaniment to steak of this style so we coped admirably.
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Re: Mon 10 April 2017, Hawksmoor on Air Street, Kr65 D70 V97

Post by AHB » 16:18 Wed 12 Apr 2017

Hawksmoor's Monday night deal of £5 corkage for a bottle of wine of any size is a great opportunity to share good food and wine at very reasonable prices and means that Hawksmoor restaurants are quite lively on a Monday night.

The excuse for meeting was that I needed to give DRT six bottles of Noval olive oil and he needed to give me three bottles of Vesuvio 1997. Unfortunately in the confusion of packing the night before, one of the Vesuvios was accidentally opened, decanted, the bottle cleaned and rinsed and the decanted port poured back into the bottle. All entirely by accident, I am assured.

What were we to do other than to help him consume his accidentally opened bottle? The answer was to bring bottles of our own.

The Vesuvio was delicious and went very well with the steak (not so well with the Turbot I had as a starter), but way too young compared to the other two ports. I enjoyed the 43 day dry aged steak and found the texture a little like soft biltong. The Dow '70 and the Krohn '65 were both marvellous wines. At first we had the Dow as unanimous WotN over the Krohn but later in the evening the Dow remained haughty and aloof while the Krohn had got as drunk as the rest of us, had kicked off her shoes and joined right in - causing us to reverse the order of the top two WotN.

A very nice evening where I even managed to catch an early-ish train home to be back well before midnight. I hadn't drunk enough water though...
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