Niepoort Garraferia

What happened?
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Niepoort Garraferia

Post by ac-fast » 16:47 Sun 04 Sep 2016


Yesteday we joined the most amazing tasting with some friends

ALL 10 Garraferia from Niepoort
1931,33,38,40,48,50,52,64,67 and 1977

My favorite was 1938 and 1952

1964 was disapointed
Niepoort rules :-)
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Re: Niepoort Garraferia

Post by PhilW » 17:44 Sun 04 Sep 2016

Wow, that would be a fantastic tasting tasting. Do tell us more, and post some pictures if you have them?

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Re: Niepoort Garraferia

Post by AHB » 22:12 Tue 06 Sep 2016

What a fabulous tasting. Please do say more!
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Re: Niepoort Garraferia

Post by Axel P » 05:50 Mon 19 Sep 2016

Excellent. Could be done in UK or Germany, too.

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