Niepoort Garrafeira Tasting

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Axel P
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Niepoort Garrafeira Tasting

Post by Axel P » 20:09 Mon 03 Dec 2018

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Wow, what a tasting - I always liked the Niepoort Garrafeiras, being the best of both worlds from Vintage and Colheita. Overall amazing Ports. Without being fat or direct on the palate, they possess a fantastic balance and an incredible length.

Wine of the night was the 1938... followed by pretty much all of the others.

Pity that Niepoort is so scarce in the UK, especially old ones.

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Re: Niepoort Garrafeira Tasting

Post by DaveRL » 20:48 Mon 03 Dec 2018

That is a lovely looking line up. Good effort :)

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Re: Niepoort Garrafeira Tasting

Post by Christopher » 20:39 Tue 04 Dec 2018

World class tasting! Congratulations I am sure a huge amount of effort went into arranging it.
Will there be tasting notes available- very interested to hear how the 77 is!
Thanks for posting

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