Life on the Douro screening, Port and Chocolate tasting

Organise events to meet up and drink Port.
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Life on the Douro screening, Port and Chocolate tasting

Post by Zev Robinson » 10:03 Fri 05 May 2017

Hi, About six years ago, I directed Life on the Douro, a documentary about the history of the region and Port wine. Several Port Forum members came to a London screening, but due to a variety of circumstances, it never got a lot of play after that. I am now reviving it, and will be showing it again.

On June 12, there will be a screening on Percy St, W1, shown in four parts with a matching Quevedo Port and chocolate for each part. Event description, trailer, and tickets are here - ... 4286663333

I hope that some of the members here can make it to the event. Between the film, Port and chocolate is an excellent way to get others interested as well. The more successful it is, the more events I can do in the future.

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