Discussions last night for future themes

Organise events to meet up and drink Port.
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Discussions last night for future themes

Post by AHB » 10:39 Thu 21 Jul 2016

Last night there was shock and panic at the realisation that we have nothing firm organised until November 23rd - the night before the BFT!

The London premiere of A Year in Port is pencilled in for September 12th, but I'm not aware of any firm arrangements.

However, last night the creativity was flowing and we came up with a number of interesting ideas for future offlines:
  • A small 1970 horizontal
  • A 1970 in magnum horizontal
  • A 1977 in magnum (or larger) horizontal in early February 2017
  • A Smith Woodhouse vertical
  • A 1986 horizontal (possibly combined in a matrix format with 1987 and/or 1988 and / or 1985) to allow those who have not tasted the 1986 vintage for themselves to see how good these wines are
  • In 2024 a Quinta do Vesuvio 1994 Nebuchadnezzar (15 litre) "tasting"
I don't have much port in magnum (or larger) format because I rarely get the chance to open and drink a bottle that big. From 1970 I only have Fonseca and that is stored in bond in Octavian for the moment. From 1977 I have Dow (in bond), Fonseca (at home), Gould Campbell (in bond), Graham (duty cleared), Smith Woodhouse (in bond), Warre (in bond).

My main contribution to a SW vertical would be a bottle of the 1963. I've also got 1983, 1985, 1997, 2000 and 2011.

Between us we have got or should be able to get hold of reasonably easily:
  • Cavadinha 1987,
  • Fonseca Guimaraens 1988,
  • Malvedos 1986 / 1987,
  • Terra Feita 1986,
  • Vargellas 1986 / 1987 / 1988
We also spent a lot of time contemplating what to do in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Port Forum (on Tuesday 20th June 2017). Celebrating in Oporto would tie in with the planned cricket match (21st) against the Oporto Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club and we could stay on for the Sao Joao street party and fireworks (23rd) and boat race (probably 24th). Nothing organised yet, but just some loose thoughts.
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Re: Discussions last night for future themes

Post by idj123 » 12:34 Thu 21 Jul 2016

Alex's recollection is complete and some panic did ensue regarding the lack of tastings penciled in for the rest of the year. Should also put a word in for this blessed GC vertical that is still on the stocks...

For SW, I could offer 70, 77 (mags or standard), 80, 83, 85, 91 and 94

For mags from '77, the above plus Taylor

A lot of options for a mini 70 vertical

Very little (if anything) from 86/87

Finally,the proposal for the anniversary next year is a splendid one!

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Re: Discussions last night for future themes

Post by PhilW » 14:43 Thu 21 Jul 2016

I have no large formats, and very little Smith Woodhouse (or Gould Campbell).

A small '70 horizontal in Feb would be an excellent idea; a large '70 horizontal could be even better?

Regarding a Porto-based TPF 10th birthday, cricket and Sao Joao, I would be absolutely up for it (assuming physically able to do so), please count me in.

I had been intending to organise a London-based Calem vertical during Sept/early Oct, but as Axel is doing that in Leverkusen in November which I intend to attend I am no longer planning this in London at this time. I was intending to organise an alternative, but given current health issues am holding off for now).

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Re: Discussions last night for future themes

Post by idj123 » 12:40 Fri 22 Jul 2016

idj123 wrote:Alex's recollection is complete...
Maybe not, as I now recall that a Noval vertical was also mooted...

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Re: Discussions last night for future themes

Post by jdaw1 » 14:20 Sat 30 Jul 2016

Adding to the list:
In [url=http://www.theportforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=100559#p100559]One quiz at a time[/url] jdaw1 wrote: Readers might be interested in a slight problem. The history of Berry Bros claims that the Dolls’ house cellar contains Cockburn 1851. But this isn’t mentioned by Mary Stewart-Wilson. Who knows?

And is this a tasting theme? A fully mature Cockburn, a younger Taylor, a slightly younger Warre, a slightly younger Fonseca, and a magnum of a slightly younger Dow? And a tawny.

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