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1983 Niepoort

Posted: 12:49 Wed 27 Feb 2013
by jdaw1
Ronnie Roots travelled to London, and joined us, on Tuesday 26th February 2013, in Davy’s at Canary Wharf, London E14 4DH.


Re: 1983 Niepoort

Posted: 21:47 Wed 27 Feb 2013
by jdaw1
Ni83. Red, hint of pink, 40% opaque. Taste starts big, slightly dry. Cherry and a hint of cantaloupe. Mid-palate slightly hollow, with heat. RMW noted ‟strawberry as well”.

Re: 1983 Niepoort

Posted: 14:47 Wed 10 Apr 2013
by AHB
Mature red colour, thinning red rim; 50% opaque. Warm and alcoholic nose, a little unbalanced and with a touch of bottle stink. Sweet and very thick entry, lots of concentrated fruit - dry cherry and late light tannins. A burst of heat on the aftertaste, then a very long and tart finish of woody licorice root. Served blind, this was guessed to be Dow 1983. 89/100. Drunk 26-Feb-13. Decant not known.

My first Niepoort 1983 - thank you Ronnie!