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1968 Andresen colheita port

Posted: 23:43 Sat 16 Jan 2010
by AHB
Bottled 2007. Light red colour, clear and glowing. Colheita nose. Sweet in the mouth, very full and flavoursome; richa and tasty. Full of dried citrus fruit. Slightly subdued immediate aftertaste, long in length. A really impressive wine. 92/100. 17 Dec 2009.

Re: 1968 Andresen colheita port

Posted: 11:29 Mon 18 Jan 2010
by KillerB
This was an unexpectedly good Port.I'd bought it from Laithwaites as a snap purchase as it sounded a good idea then immediately regretted it until we drank it. Lots of citrus but a really multi-layered Port and may even have got Julian to appreciate an Andreson.

Re: 1968 Andresen colheita port

Posted: 12:19 Sat 03 Apr 2010
by jdaw1
Following KillerB’s mis-spelt optimism I shall quote precisely from my handwritten Notes. ‟Orange”. ‟Acidic. Marzipan. Way too old. Doesn’t do it for me. Colheita.”

Re: 1968 Andresen Colheita

Posted: 11:29 Sat 09 Jun 2018
by Samegould
Comes from a "non-vintage” year. Clear, with a nice amber-orange colour.
Beautiful nose, rich, unctuous, and a lovely body.
I really love this Colheita!